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SBU College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Applying to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Program

Estimated Tuition and Fees

Admission Policy, BSN Program

In addition to admission to the university, all upper division degree-seeking students must formally apply for admission to the College of Nursing undergraduate BSN degree program. Applicants must complete the following for acceptance into the BSN degree program.

Required documents to include in application packet:

  • Current copy of RN license
  • Current copy of CPR card
  • Copy of photo identification

Print, complete and return the application(s) to:

Attention: BSN Admissions
Mercy College of Nursing of SBU
4431 S. Fremont
Springfield, MO  65804

Students Applying to the BSN Program

  • Complete an application packet for the BSN Program. Applicants who have attended SBU in the past but have a one semester break in enrollment must reapply to SBU using the SBU RN-BSN admission form.
  • Provide a copy of transcripts of basic nursing courses. If not licensed, provide an anticipated date for taking the NCLEX-RN. If licensed in another state, but not in Missouri, provide documentation that the licensure by endorsement process has been started with the Missouri Board of Nursing as well as the anticipated date of receiving licensure in Missouri (this pertains to students that will be doing clinical on-site in Missouri).

 Dual Enrolled Students (students in ASN Program)

  1. ASN students may take designated BSN courses during the ASN program with permission of their ASN advisor and the director of the BSN program.
  2. Dually enrolled students in the ASN and BSN programs of Mercy College of Nursing must apply for admission to the BSN program the first semester after graduation from the ASN program or meet with the BSN Academic Advisor to apply for admission and register for classes. They must complete an application form and the BSN profile, provide official college transcripts for any college credit not already recorded by SBU, and provide an anticipated date for taking NCLEX RN.

Additional Applicant Must Comply with the Following:

Admission conference with a member of the BSN faculty (may be required but can be done by distance communication). These records and/or requirements must be submitted prior to your first clinical course:

  • Current RN license in state of residence/employment
  • Current CPR certification
  • Photo ID/driver’s license
  • Current auto insurance in state of residence/employment
  • Current nursing liability/malpractice insurance

Verification of nursing liability (malpractice) insurance and automobile insurance is needed while enrolled in the first BSN program course. This is to protect the student and the University when the student is serving in a nursing capacity for any school-related project the student and the University when the student is serving in a nursing capacity for any school-related project or fulfilling required clinical hours. All admissions are provisional until the required information is received.  Admission criteria subject to change.